Attention: ALL Desert Storm Veterans

We need at least 2000 of our 7881 group members to write and mail this letter in reference to ensure the placement of the Desert Storm National Memorial in Section #1 on the National Mall with the other military war memorials.
Do IT and then comment and encourage others to Do IT.
Recap:  President Trump signed a law (Mar 31, 2017) for the National Desert Storm War Memorial to be built in Area 1 of Washington DC. [huge victory]
Current:  The exact location within Area 1 has still to be decided.
This decision will be made by the National Capital Memorial Advisory Commission of the National Park Service.
We need you to send a LETTER to the National Park Service.
These letters must be received @ the National Park Service by May 3, 2017, in order to effect the decision.
Your letter should be addressed as follows:
Mr. Peter May, Chairman NCMAC
1100 Ohio Drive S.W. Room 220
Washington, D.C. 20242
Here is a sample letter.
Please edit and MAKE IT YOUR OWN.
This (making it your own) is most effective.
Dear Mr. May,
I am writing you concerning the absolute necessity for the National Desert Storm War Memorial to be located on the available site at 23rd and Constitution Avenue in Washington, D.C. Operation Desert Storm was a major event in our country’s history and should be treated as such by placing it near the other “War Memorials” on the National Mall. Placing the memorial within walking distance to the other memorials will ensure that the millions of annual visitors to Washington will be able to pay tribute to the almost 400 brave Americans who made the supreme sacrifice.
Desert Storm accomplished many things including the liberation of Kuwait as well as changing the public’s perception and treatment of our military. Operation Desert Storm and all who served should be afforded the same honor and respect as all of the other wars past and present by allowing it to be located at the prominent and fitting location of 23rd and Constitution.
John Doe
Notes:  certainly include your military branch, rank, specialty, unit served during Desert Storm, etc. with your signature.
Write your letter TODAY.  Don’t wait for the deadline to approach. Procrastination is never a good thing.
Your letter writing involvement is VERY important.
Please hear this loud and clear.
What else is in Area 1 of Washington DC? The White House, The US Capitol, The Vietnam Memorial,  The Washington Monument, The Lincoln Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, etc.  [prime real estate]